Friday, November 19, 2010

I've Been Attacked

Dear Mugsy

What a fancy long name you have - I am only Poppy Lees - or Popsy or Pwecious when i am in the good books - or BAD DOG, GO TO YOUR BED, DON'T DO THAT - when you i suspect are now LUCIFER, my mummy laughed when i told her that was what they called you when you were bad - i don't understand why i either - i guess its a two leg joke - they are never really funny.  i get shouted at at the odded times - like when i find something really nice in the park - to roll in - FOX POO - and then get - NO - BATH - and no pick ups - but if you are going to way 55 pounds i guess you can't get many pick ups even from pawpa - i only way 7 pounds now and i am full grown -

i really like idea your idea of sitting on Tilly - i reckon you would squash her flat - that would be great revenge - am still a bit sore - but had a nice sleep over with Delilah and Harry it was fun - we played all night (and got told off for not going to sleep - why would we want to sleep when we could play - two legs are so odd!!!!!!!)

You better tell your Pawpa that $30 for a flu jab is not bad, my mummy has to pay £156 for my annual vaccinations each year,  and thats not covered by pet insurance - she says i should not complain about 3 jabs apparently your pawpa has to do more than that each day - i reckon they still hurt.

Wishing you a great weekend - i am not sure what we are doing - but i am hoping for a good trip to a few parks - it is supposed to be dry here - so no baths!!!!!

lots of love


ps - give your mummy and pawpa some licks from me

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