Monday, November 22, 2010

This Weekend

Dear Mugsy

I hope you had a good weekend - i did - well a good saturday and an improving sunday - and today a day already with some imponderables - i seem to have lots of those.

Saturday started off with an old fashioned love in with Mummy - i love those - although i did insist on her getting up at a reasonable hour - 5 am - she makes me get up at that time 5 days a week - i don't see why weekends should be different!!!! for breakfast and loo break and then we had snuggle time in bed!!!! before a good run in the park - i saw Molly and Betsy for a play and then we went to Granny's.  I knew i was being set up - everyone was very nice - and before i knew it - it was BATH TIME - but not so bad - serious cuddles post bath and i do like being dried - all that hot air to gulp down and then burp up!!!!!

Granny insisted in more cuddles - you have to let her have as many cuddles as she wants - but always show independance -that way she always wants more!!!!!!!

Sunday - we went window shopping and a big play in the park - mummy fell over - it was so funny - all the four legs ran over to jump on her - me included and the two legs ran over to check she okay - of course she was - it was only a bump on the bum - if she had four legs - it would n't have happened - i found some great smelling stuff to roll in - and because i had my new red raincoat - with the legs on - i didn't even have to have a bath - it went in the washing machine - so no BAD DOG - great

then we were supposed to go to Aunty Caroles - butTwo legs have a thing about time keeping and time ran out so we stood around outside for ages and then gave up and went home to find they weren't coming anymore and i got treats for nothing - well for being good (not sure how but who cares!!!!!)

Then things went down hill - well i don't think they did - but Mummy did - i got lots of BAD DOG for doing my job

1. noises in the night - so i barked and growled continuously from 8.30 until 11.00 pm - even though mummy showed me nothing there - i could hear stuff - apparently we aren't supposed to disturb the neihgbours - in the end - i got shut in the room -
2. why is it ok to bark in the dog park with other dogs - but not at home and not when walking in the street?
3 Why is it ok to tell people you are walking down the road (3 barks are ok but no more) during daylight) but not at six am in the morning or after 8 pm (and how do we know what time is it and why do we care)
4. why do 2 legs get to go through the door first always - i want to go first sometimes - two legs always say its manners manners manners!!!!!

What did you get up to - hope you were Mugsy all weekend and not Lucifer at all

Lots of love


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