Monday, November 22, 2010

This Weekend

Dear Cousin Poppy,
I too had a great weekend. The two legs still call me Lucy now and again. I wish I new why. Then they wonder why sometimes when they call me Mugsy I forget to come. How many names can one dog have?? I had many trips to the dog park and ran myself ragged. I played with a Mastiff named Pickles. She was sweet and I liked to run around him. I smiled a lot and showed him my teeth, but deep down I was mortified that he would sit on me and crush me! I heard Pickle's two legs tell my two legs that he weighs 200lbs!
The women two legs game me lots of treats and bones. I hear the man two legs telling her that she is turning me into a treat whore and sometimes he says that she is going to make me a gordita. Both of those sound good to me. But he is stingy with the treats and sometimes only pats my head when I do what he says. I try to show him the error of his ways by going lots of tricks for the woman two legs, but it just isn't clicking with him.
I tried to help the woman two lets in the kitchen this weekend. She spends so much time there and it smells so good, I thought I would join her. 
She didn't even yell at me when I got the dish rag to help her clean up. I'm very confused about that. But I was so happy that I fell asleep.
I can't wait to get lots of love from Granny She will have to catch me first. Does she run fast?

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