Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wow top of the class. I am taking my two legs graduation present shopping. No one is cleverer than me but you are sure more obedient.
Focus. You told me before about your two legs being into that. It sounds very american. I am only focussed on getting attention and being spoilt. I seem to do just fine. So do you as a self confessed traet tart
Sit. Of course for treats
Down. If I really want to. But I am so small two legs can't really tell if I am sitting or lying
Stay - don't have the ability to concentrate
Come - for a treat of course
3eturn if called - alwa)s if I know the person otherwise back on the leash and I would rather be free!!!!
Go to my bed - never (o mummies yes to granny and grand paws yes mine never unless there's a really good treat in it like a piggy ear or I am really tired but never on principal if I am told to!!!!! You are too good. What happened to Lucy
Wait (which sounds like a combination of your stay and leave it). I get at breakfast and tea but granny and grandpaw don't know it so don't tell them they just put food out and you can eat straight away. Tow legs have weird ideas about manners no growling on tubes, even when the other two legs is wearing flourescent yellow and smells real bad wait to go through the door until they have gone first why? We are so much quicker. But life is easier if you let them think you live by there rules
I don't know touch that sounds like play and treats for fun. I want to learn that one. Have you learnt heal and pavement (might be sidewalk for you) yet
Ps forget as many as you can you just need your name sit and down
And look great and point at the top of the class sing. Two legs love bragging rights especially grandparents. Hope you have told them they will need to bore all there friends
Love and licks
Ps think of me. Tomorrow I go to the groomers I have instructed not to much off no more than half an inch. Hope he listens

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