Monday, December 6, 2010

Inside Rain

Dear Mugsy

Hope you had a great weekend  - i did

Saturday i discovered rain from the ceiling - in my case - it was not from a real ceiling - my two legs called it a shower - not as much fun as you described - but not as bad as a bath - although same result - i ended up clean and smelling of flowers (mummy and granny says lovely - i says yuk!!!!!)

Sunday Granny and Grandpaw picked me and mummy up and i behaved badly i whinged and whinged and everyone (3 two legs) got really angry - i was in trouble!!!! and then i met Delilah and we went to a fashion show at Ralph Lauren - not sure what a fashion show is really -this was a fancy shop that loves dogs - we had a ball - we were the only dogs (there were about 30 ) who were off lead - but all were running round playing - and trying on some great clothes - i got a great cashmere jumper - it is super warm (and soft) and two t-shirts to sleep in i look so cool - they are just like grandpaws polo shirts!!!!!!

the two legs had fancy snacks and we had doggy snacks - unlimited and photo taken - in doggy poses on beds and soft rugs and blankets, sofas - all the places i am not normally allowed !!! and we were encouraged to jump up!!!!! - and out pictures might be in the brochures and society magazines!!!!  - and it was all in aid of a charity just for dogs - battersea dogs home - so i didn't even complain about being brushed - boy was it tiring - i was so tired i slept the rest of the day.

what did you get up to -

lots of love and licks


ps it is very cold today - so i have not taken my new jumper off all day - i look so smart!!!!!

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