Monday, December 20, 2010

Sick Poppy

Hi Mugsy

we got snow here - and even more fun ice - with ice you run for steps and then put the brakes on and keep going ~!!!!!! it great the two legs are slipping and sliding everywhere - the shrieking is hilarious!!!!!

had to have a very quiet weekend - it was a bit boring - on saturday it snowed lots - and i was not allowed out to play - i wanted to - it looked like fun- but i was tired -so i got carried by mummy and granny, spoiled in the hair dressers and spoiled everywhere - it wasn't so bad - and the snow was still there today so nothing to complain about

i am still sneezing but feeling better - been talking to my friends - before you get your fir coat - we think you should watch 101 dalmations -we are worried about you being a pariah at the dog park woolie coat and barbours are much better - Granny likes furs (so does mummy but i don't understand it - i think it because two legs don't have nice fur coats of their own but we do - and we want to keep them - not give them away to others!!!!!!!)

Granny is getting into a right tizz about the weather and flights to DC - i have suggested she chills out - but she isn't listening to me or Grandpa (or your puppaw i bet) so be ready for a neurotic Granny to arrive - attached is a picture of me in one of my fav positions - you need to get some serious posing in over Christmas - i want picture of you like this - but don't squashing them - they are old and fragile -
am lying on my mummy's lap at work in my christmas snowman jumper - looking cute and pathetic - if i say so myself - we are the only ones to make it to the office so far -so it could be a quiet day - what are your plans for the week -

lots of love

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