Saturday, January 15, 2011

Best Present Ever

Dear Poppy

Mummy and Pawpa gave me the best present ever yesterday.  Not that I doubted it, but now I know that they love me more than anyone ever in all of history.  What is it you ask.  It is a King Kong.  It is this giant Kong that is like a spinning top with a key hole half way up the side.  The two legs put little treats in it and then I knock it with my paws and a treat comes out.  I can play with it for hours and hours and hours.  Sometimes it rolls under the couch and I have to cry and the two legs get it.  I can just pick it up with my teeth if I need to, which I do as I like to carry it to my bed (just in case the Boogy Dog comes while I am napping).

And the best thing is that Mummy and Daddy seem happy for me to play and play and play with it.  Something about keeping me occupied.  Not sure what that is all about ... but really I don't care as I have my King Kong.

You need to get your Mummy to get one for you.  Mine is for big dogs, but I am sure they have one for little ones as well.

Licks and love

The Mugs

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