Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Grandpaw


This is what I sent Grandpaw today:


Hi Grandpaw

i know that we have been having a nice snuggle this morning - i hope you enjoyed it as much as i have been, but Mummy told me last night that it was always best to send an email with instructions - apparently that is the best way of making sure things are done how i want them - she said i had to be honest and not just say what i wished for (not sure why - i prefer to get my wishes not my needs but anyway - i am in so much trouble at home i think i will follow instructions).

I did not eat my breakfast this morning - so Mummy let me bring a packed one - which i may have - but only if i am good - i like it with a bit of hot water so i get a bit of gravy - it softens it - tap water if fine - but it should be warm so i can smell the nice meaty stuff - not too much water - just moistened not drowned please.

Walks - i know to bring the ball back, and to give it -although i like to play catch me if you can - if you will !!!! and i really like a piece of grass - about 11 - 11.30 would be great and then a real must at about 2 to 2.30.  Mummy will feed me when she picks me up between 5 and 6pm -

I like my bed to lie on - and of course your chair is always good- but only if it is not covered in your files - and remember if you put paper on the floor i think it is for chewing - especially cheques - they taste extra nice.

Mummy said i had to remind you (i don't why) that if i am bad (i never am!!!) you may discipline me - a tap on the nose normally does it - failing that - shut me in the bathroom - with my bed or a towel - and take your hearing aids out - that way you won't hear my tantrum - but for no more than one hour - punishments should be limited.

Lots of love

your very good


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