Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Woe is Me

Dear Mugsy

The Trainer came yesterday - it was not as you described.

He came, Mummy said he was good looking, i tried looking pathetic, being very good - but that didn't work, no welcome, no cuddles, he ignored me and talked to Mummy - and then said i was attention seeking - of course i am - i am a princess. 

I decided to try to make myself very small - maybe they would forget me - and i hid under Mummy's desk - i was very good not a sound - the next thing i knew there was a list of rules being agreed - ITS A DISASTER -
no cuddly toys at the office - only a puppy kong (i am too little for a real one - you have to weigh more thank 5 kilos or 10 lbs - and i only weigh 6lbs) and a ball
No socks smelling of Mummy, only my bed and one blanket (no towels, no wrap of mummies that i stole and love etc)
Food to be eaten within 30 minutes of being served - or it is to be removed and fed to the birds - and i am to go hungry - breakfast has just been removed and now i am starving - and she (the awful Mummy) says nothing till tea time - thats hours away)
I have to be given a secure space (this is going to be a soft crate) or  a sherpa bag - which at least is very expensive so is painful for mummy - GOOD - it is going to take two months to train me - AND I AM GOING TO MAKE MUMMY's LIFE TOUGH OVER THAT TIME - this is not going to be easy - ALTHOUGH LAST NIGHT I HAD TREATS IN IT AND IT WASN'T BAD - BUT DON'T LET THE TWO LEGS KNOW - i don't want to be too easy
no more sleeping on the bed - in a crate - but not until after the Geneva trip.
Agility Training in Spring (actually i like the sound of that!!!)
Last night i acted really depressed - really pathetic - you should have seen me - mummy was sad watching me - and i thought she might relent - but she stuck to it - and this morning - i woke up happy - i always do - and she gave lovely cuddles, but the morning treat went straight in the Sherpa bag and in I went to eat it - guess i am a treat tart as well - but i got my own back - i was very bad in the park - it was cold and i wanted to show Mummy how intelligent i was so i left by the open gate and crossed the road and went to the office - boy was she angry - she got me put me on the leash, took me back to the park and screamed at me - it was so embarrassing - guess i wont be trying that one again - oh and we are back to she has to go through doors first again - i have to remember my place (i keep telling her - i am the queen - but she doesn't listen)

Have to go now, more short lessons on - i have to behave when i am alone - i don't see why - but apparently i will learn - we will see

love and licks

from a sad and depressed - but still determined to win


think of me - fighting for Dogs worldwide

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