Thursday, January 27, 2011


Dear Mugsy

I am back where i should be on Mummy's lap - she got home last night - some place called Geneva - don't know where it is, don't care - no good presents, but she's back, she cuddly and she treating me right - she was happy to see me - i was VERY HAPPY TO SEE HER these funny squeaks kept on escaping from me I WAS ALL WRIGGLY AND VERY CUTE and she gave me great cuddles and snuggles - and i stayed very close all night.

Aunty Charmian had been very nice and i saw Granny - once properly - and i smelt her a few times - but she always running away - that was really confusing - it was like she was there but hiding - Aunty C told Mummy i was very good - (i wasn't its just that Woody is so big i never got caught!!!! - i think you might have that problem) but she was proud so no rules last night - also she was too tired and just wanted to unpack and go to bed (fine with me !!!)

This morning a bit of a return to MANNERS i was told to wait at the door and come - tried to pretend i had forgotten but when it wasn't going to work i GOT WITH THE PROGRAMME and life was pretty cool - i have breakfast down pat, go into the funny soft dark safe place eat as soon as served and all is cool - am now going to have a nap on Mum's lap - once i have finished giving you the good news -

By the way checked again with Woody - he's an older dog and he lives in the Country and the City - and he a bit grouchy and worldly - so we can definately listen to him - he like Toffee and Minty - even Danny (he's a terrier and the best scavenger i know) all agree - we eat Bacon - Puppaws or Dad's provide it - dogs are for entertainment and for assisting (thats what assistance dogs are - not working)

love and licks


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