Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pavlov's Revenge

Dear Poppy,

Have you ever heard of Dr Pavlov.  He was this horrible, horrible Russian scientist who invented dog training.  He discovered the tricks the two-legs use for manners and stuff.  He used bells to trick his dogs into thinking they were going to be fed.  Well ha ha, I have trained my two-legs with bells.  They put bells by the door so that I can ring them when I need to go outside.  Well guess what, whenever I ring them Puppaw gets up and takes me out for fun.  It is especially cool right now as we had lots of white rain, which I especially like.

I have discovered that if I ring the bells Puppaw is afraid I will go to the loo inside so he jumps right up.  (Mummy is not quite their yet.)  So this is what I do.  If I am bored, or not getting enough attention I go and ring the bell.  I can actually hold myself for quite sometime but I like going outside every 40 minutes or so.  I ring the bell and arunning comes Puppaw.  He is working from home today because of the white rain which means I am getting a lot of attention.  He, however, is less than happy.

Its great.  It goes like this.  I sleep.  I wake up.  I whine.  I go downstairs.  I jump on the ottoman.  I get bored.  I whine more.  Puppaw ignores me.  I ring the bell.  I get attention.  That Dr Pavlov was really quite brilliant.

You should get some bells.  That will teach your mummy.

Love and licks

Dr Mugsy

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