Friday, January 28, 2011

Dr Mugsy

Dear Dr Mugsy

Well i was going to kow tow to you expertise, but i did have a few concerns:-
1. did you really think they were going to fall for the bells for ever - that was like them falling for my woofing for ever - and look what happened to me
2. have you not heard what goes around comes around

i know you love your puppaw - but who gives the best cuddles and treats - bet iTs Mummy who does the best cooking (its Granny not Grandpaw) so i wouldn't kick her out of bed) - ALWAYS THINK OF YOU TUM

PS. treats after meals - best trick is to go sit in front of the dishwasher (two legs hate washing up) on  your back legs, waving front paws in the air (two legs think it is cute) its called begging, very bad at table, but good by dishwasher, dishes will appear in front for licking - my mummy doesn't fall for it - but she is very strict at the moment, but i bet your puppaw would do - my mummy says he hates washing up - anything to get you to move from the dishwasher -

alternative - pick up your food bowl and carry it round hopefully - two legs always think thats cute - but make sure its not the waterbowl - otherwise you get "STOP THAT - YOU ARE MAKING A MESS"

My days in bed appear to be numbered - i am not sure how many are left - i tried to be queen yesterday - it didn't work well - we went out for our night time end of day pee walk - only it rubbish night so there was no time to pee - there were too many bags to sniff - and anyway Mummy was on punishment - she had desserted me - and you appeared to be getting away with mischief - so i thought i should (in another words i am in the doghouse and it YOUR FAULT - its never mine!!!!!)  - she warned me - but after 50 minutes of walking we went home.

Well at one am - i woke up and i was desperate - now we know going inside is bad very bad - so i woofed - i had to wake her - i really needed to go - SO BADLY - she got up and out we went - but i had started woofing - and it was so exciting - i am not normally allowed out at that time - and it was great - lots of shadows and the bags were still out so great smells - food and all sorts- grumpy mummy was a downer - and it was cold - but she couldn't shout - she didn't want the neighbours to be able to identify her!!!!! so i could block her tellings off out - any way i peed and pood - and then we went home, tried to get a good night kiss, nothing, got up this morning - was a bit tired, no reaction, just grump, talked all the way down  the street, at the top of the voice, just got to "shut up" and tapped on the nose - outrageous - i mean i know silence the morning - people are sleeping - but i wasn't - but to be ignored and punished - for fun.

To day training on being left alone in the crate - actually i don't really mind it - the treats that go with it are so good - but you tell me two legs are TRAINABLE  i listen, they aren't, i get punished and then you tell me they aren't and all you get is you puppaw laughing at you and people buying you beds and toys - we have a carepackage to send - i am not letting my mummy see you CINDERELLA posting.  its me POOR ABUSED poppy who is CINDERELLA

love and licks from the one who is going to ignore the advice from Dr Mugsy in the future

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