Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pavlov's Revenge - Calamity

Dear Poppy

Horror of horrors. Don't follow my idea about training your two-legs. Mummy and Puppaw were having what smelled like a scrummy dinner. I wad bored so I thought I would get some attention and rang my bell. Mummy gave me a treat and so when I was finished I rang again. This time Mummy decided I must have to go out. As we were getting ready Puppaw started to do the dishes. I ran to do my part and practice my dishwashing skills only for Mummy to drag me outside. No work (I am worried no bacon later), no scrummy extra food, and out into the cold. I will be much more careful how I use Pavlov's Revenge in future. And the worst thing? Puppaw just laughed and laughed. Horror of horrors.

The Former Dr Mugsy

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