Friday, January 21, 2011

Earning the Bacon

Dear Poppy,

Grandpaw sent Mummy and Puppaw the nicest email today.  You are so lucky that you get to see him all of the time for cuddles and walks and snacks.

"As Mugsy’s Grandpaw, I was very concerned indeed to see that she is still worrying about being sent back to the dog pound.  I am very surprised that you have not made it quite clear that this could never happen.

Please tell her in no uncertain terms, that if you ever consider doing that she will be welcome to come and live here where no such threats will be made."

I am planning my move.  I am really quite concerned since Mummy's plate fell on the floor the other night and her dinner was ruined, Puppaw has been telling me I need to go out to work to pay for the damage.  I am not really sure what work is, but when Puppaw leaves in the morning he is sad but says he has to go and earn the bacon to pay for my food and toys.  Mummy says that this is work.  Two-legs are so confusing.  I thought bacon was yummy food.

I really don't know what is going on.  It is all so confusing.  All of my toys are shredded into pieces.  My new ball was removed after only 30 minutes.  It was not well made - a huge hole suddenly appeared.  I don't know why!  Now I am told I have earn the bacon.  I thought my job was to play but without toys how can I.

I am not really sure what I would do for work. I do have some skills. 

-  I am really cute (Mummy gets angry when Puppaw says he is going to get me a coat with "My Puppaw's number is 702-494-8667.)    I could be a model.
-  I am excellent at chewing - I guess I could go and work in a quarry
-  I could work in a restaurant as a dish washer. I practice every night.  I would be continuing a family tradition as Puppaw was a dishwasher while in school
-  I like chewing paper and could be a confidential shredder in an office
-  I am good with children, so could be a babysitter
-  I am very loving so I could be an old persons support

I am busy preparing my resume so any other suggestions would be great.

Licks and love,


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