Thursday, January 20, 2011


Oh Mugsy

I think you had a very near miss - Mummy's who have been slaving in the kitchen are always in a bad mood and when their work comes to nothing it is always worst especially if they have to clean the mess up as well !!!! - you did right to look pathetic and to sleep in - i am sure you have been forgiven - but you have to forget the tea towel - it is to risky - find something else - thats safer.

the other thing - and i am sure your Mummy and Puppaw and have made it clear - they love too much to send you back to the pound - you are part of the family - you are even on their blog- Mummy was showing me wedding pictures last night - you look so pretty - but the dog house is a risk  - i haven't actually been there yet - it has just been threatened but it sounds JUST HORRIBLE - and i don't want to go there - YOU DON'T EITHER so find a different ATTENTION SEEKING SYSTEM a hint - HOWLING DOESN'T WORK look at me

Yesterday was better - not perfect but better - i learnt some good stuff - although Mummy's and Puppaws insist on being above us in Pack order - Granny's and Grandpaws are happy to be below us - that is worth knowing - had a great day with them - they love us just as we are - we can do no wrong - arrived had snuggles, cuddles and play, lots of attention, treats, just as it should be, i was a princess again, had a play date, not put on the ground when i guarding Granny's lap (pretty sure Mummy disaproved - but she wasn't there so i got away with it - hahaha!!!)  i wasn't go to share, had lunch which i ate!!!!, walkies with Grandpa, no threats, when my legs went on strike, just got picked up (all as i expect!!!!), nice nap with Granny and woke up to find Mummy arriving.  She gave me a nice welcome, we had snuggles on Granny's bed, with Granny and Grandpaw and then a trip to park before dinner (which disapeared before i got round to eating it - which was a blow) playtime and bed.

this morning, i managed to get breakfast - yippee no hunger, and i remembered what wait and come meant so not one mention of manners poppy!!!!! yippee, i ignored Mummy at Granny's she has said i can come up as soon as i get there, they prepare for my arrival the night before (she told me and showed me yesterday - silly Granny!!!!!) and i was gone before she could say Manners - and she couldn't shout because she might wake people up - i've got this sussed!!!!- now having a great snuggle time and looking forward to another perfect day of being a princess.

hope you have a great day
love and licks - will try to think of the best attention grabbing behaviour in the apartment for you (not including teatowel grabbing)


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