Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stupid two legs

Dear Mugsy

I am sad to see that although we both have terrible Mummy's and in your case a let down of a puppaw we stuck lucky with our Grandpaws and Granny's - i have just seen the great bed Granny is suggesting getting for you - it looks great - alternatively you could have the four beds i have rejected - if all four were sewn together they might be big enough - they might not be - you look gigantic - all the better for teaching everyone some manners - WE ARE IN CONTROL - although i don't seem to be at the moment.

not sure where my mummy is - she has desserted me!!!! - i am staying with Aunty Charmian (who is cool) and Woody - who pretty much ignores me while she has disapeared - rules have relaxed a bit, but not completely - i am not at home so not quite the queen bee i was at Christmas

You have to tell your Puppaw that it is his job to replace the plate - that is what Dads do - not you - you are there to provide the entertainment - which you do great - he is there to provide toys (which he seems to be failing on - couldn 't see single toy in your bed!!!! - you can't have CEASARED them all!!!! and cuddles, and walks and more cuddles etc - Mummy is there for more cuddles, loving etc and food and treats and spoiling - i only have a mummy and she is not supposed to dessert me - i shall remind her of this on her return.

Dogs don't earn the bacon they eat it - don't listen to the two legs - i have been discussing it with other 4 legs - i have checked roles are clear, we eat, they earn

have to go

lots of love and licks


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