Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Trainer

Dear Poppy,

Poor you.  I too sometimes suffer from separation anxiety, my solution is to make my two-legs suffer by emptying the trash bins all over the floor and chewing everything.  I find the bathroom one gets the best reaction.

I hope that you had a good day with Grandpaw.  I miss him.  You are so little I am sure that you can sit on his belly and snooze.  Does he sneak you food?  My two-legs are convinced he sneaked me food, but I am not telling.

It has been rather exciting here.  On Tuesday we had white rain and I spent the whole trip home from the park hopping to catch it in my mouth.  Do you do that as well?  Then the next day, Puppaw kicked the snow so that I could catch it. I really like walking on the ice.  Puppaw however is not so keen.  First off he is rather worried I will pull him and he will slip and fall and break something.  Secondly, he is a tad worried I will slip with my long legs and hurt myself as apparently I am quite funny on the ice.  Personally I think his priorities are backwards.

I did get some new toys on Saturday.  Mummy said they were on sale as they were Christmas toys.  I say "were" because it took maybe 15 minutes for me to destroy them.  Serves Mummy and Pawpaw right for getting me cheap toys.

I have some exciting news.  Yesterday I got to wear my Barbour for the first time as Pawpaw finally had the strap adjusted.  I look dead British, and rather demure.  I bit at it at first but them realised I was getting lots of appreciative glances and so walked home with my head held high.  I now cannot wait for the next white rain.

Love and licks,


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