Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Woe is Me

Dear Poppy,

I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time.  It seems like rubbish to me that this persecution would take so long.  I think it is because your Mummy thinks the trainer is good looking and wants to spend more time with him.  I think you should bite his ankles, and your Mummy's as well.  I would say bite them in other places but I know you are jolly little.  I bite my two-legs all over to remind them who is really the boss.

I must say that was very clever of you to cross the road but do rather agree that it was a bit foolish.  My two-legs don't let off of the lead except in places that are fenced because they don't really trust me.  I am not sure why as I am terribly trustworthy.  It would be awfully sad if you get crushed by one of those big red London buses.  We have some here in DC and Puppaw points them out as the type of bus that you take every day.  I am quite jealous as they are just tourist buses and Puppaw says that as I am a resident I am not allowed on them. I think he is lying and just thinks its too expensive.

I don't know how you can go without food.  That just seems awful.  When I first moved in with Mummy and Pawpa I would wolf my food down.  I was quite scared at the pound that others would eat it.  Now I sit and wait until I am told and then eat at a reasonable pace.  I even sometimes leave a bit for a later snack.

We had another winter storm last night.  Some snow but also icy rain.  I don't think you get icy rain in London.  It sticks to the ground in icy sheets.  I love it!  I slip and slide and lick it all the way down the street.  The two-legs however are not so keen, especially when they slide.  Mummy was super unhappy on the way to the park this morning.

On a happier note, I am also going to do agility training in the spring and learn to swim.  It will be fun to do it together.

Keep your chin up with the behaviour training.  I am sure you will do fantastically and graduate in a few weeks.

Love and licks


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