Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your messages of support yesterday

Thanks for your  message of support yesterday - i tried eating mummy's big toe out of hunger at one o'clock this morning no food yesterday and she had the cheek to say it was my fault - how I ask you when i went to eat there was nothing there !!!!!! the big toe idea - its your fault - you said your PaPaws tasted good - was not wells received - but it was fun

to my tail of woe
Food - yesterday

Breakfast - put down - i had sniffed it -it smelled great - but not at the eating stage yet - and she made a big point of taking it out side and putting it where the birds but not I  could get at it - and then they ate it in front of me - i made sure i chased them at lunch but that didn't help either

Dinner - again put down, it smelt nice but not ready to eat, i was just thinking about it and she said times up and it went in the bin - not the one i could at but the one with the lid

Breakfast - i ate half of it before it was ready - it was so early i could barely keep my eyes open but i could n't risk waiting and i was so hungry - it was horribly not ready for eating - still crunchy - left the rest while i went to catch up on some sleep - and it was gone again.  the good news is i am having 3 meals a day under the new regime so i only have to wait until lunch and the food is cooked 30 minutes before service so hopefully it will be more ready for eating by the time i get it -

Manners - if i hear that word once more i am going to puke - i must have heard it a 1000 times yesterday - Poppy mummy through the door first - poppy wait, poppy come poppy manners oooh!!! - today when we got to Granny and Grandpaw's i got clever, i am not having them tainted, by this stupid discipline, i charged through the door, before she could say wait (too busy with the alarm ha ha!!!) up the stairs and onto their bed - they were great - proper reception - kisses, cuddles the works - no mention of MANNERS - mummy brought tea up for Granny but by then i was esconced.

I am supposed to email them next explaining the new regime - but i am not - providing they know about lunch - Mummy told them - i heard her - lunch is in my sling - it needs moistening 30 mins before serving (any time between 12 and 2) depending on my play date with Woody and Charmian and it goes down for only 30 mins before removal (which i do not agree to!!!!) that is all they need to know as far as i am concerned.

I am happy to receive as many treats as i can get - limiting me to only two a day - and only if i am being left alone (with the command that they will be back in a minute!!!) is pointless

Need to be invited onto laps for cuddles - waste of time - i am a lap dog - it is my right to visit laps - otherwise i would not be a lap dog

Moving out of the way for two legs - pointless - they can go round me easily enough

Letting two legs go first through doors, park gates etc - again why - i am so much quicker that two legs - its why we have four

Lots of love


ps tell your Mummy and PawPa that you need a pet Passport - if this keeps up you have to come to England - i need someone with bigger teeth than me to eat the trainer - it would take me years - but you only minutes - i met Cody in the park today - she looks like you - is about 8 and has been trained by him always - she says HE is ok - but big into two legs being in CONTROL and DISCIPLINE and DOGS being treated as DOGS (have you heard of anything so DUMB) said she would help teach him REALITY but needs help from a brave youngster - and thats YOU

pps here is what i sent to Grandpaw ...

Dear Darling Grandpaw


Something awful us happening.  Ever since that trainer came, my Mummy is being horrible to  me.  She doesn’t give me so many cuddles and yesterday she gave my breakfast and most of my supper to the birds.  I was just thinking whether I would eat it or not and suddenly it wasn’t there.  I’m reely hungry and she doesn’t even give me extra treats.  I don’t know if I will last until I get home.

Also she keeps shouting manners to me as if I was not the most important person around.

I think I need to be rescued.  PLees, plees rescue me.  I promise I will be a good girl when I am with you and will always bring the ball back when you throw it.

What am i going to do?  I am a princess and I being treated like a bad dog.  I am never bad because I am perfect.

Help, help, help!


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