Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Mugsy / Ceasar

i love you - so do your Mummy and Puppaw - they won't send you to the pound - but they might remove your teeth - they can't afford new beds for you and new coats for them - wow - what a thing to bite - i think its bad enough when i rip my own coat - never ripped mummy's - made it muddy - wet / smelly - but never ripped it - you are so brave

suggest your write to Granny and Grandpaw, maybe they will take pity and offer to buy Puppaw a replacement coat - you better promise not to kill the new one -

i am pretty sure if you don 't stash Ceasar, for a few weeks, he been dominant for a while, it is going to be back to School for you - i have a feeling - its a two leg thing - they won't approve - maybe agility training will tire you out - was in the park today with an old boy dog- he was nine and all he wanted was you know what - i told him i wasn't interested and then when he wouldn;t get the hint i pretended to collapse, he was very confused, when one minutes i was there and the next minute just a blob on the ground - it worked thought you might find the info useful - mummy just laughed.

have to go now we have guests for dinner - hopefully that means new toys for me

love and licks
no more attacking coats

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