Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Neurotics Cousins

Dear Darling Mugsy

Stop Worrying - when you send Mummy's presents like the ones you did, you never have to worry about the pound.

You have to understand your Puppaw, my uncle Mark is not a morning person, my mummy says he never was - he's like Granny - grumpy in the morning - so just ignore the temper tantrum he threw - you were being helpful - its why your mummy was nice -

if you hadn't emptied your crate - no one would have cleaned it
if you hadn't tossed your day bed around - it would have stayed dusty - and you would have sneezed
You ate your mummy's underwear - so your Puppaw had to buy her some new, sexy ones - that a present for her - and one he might enjoy (you might get kicked out of the bedroom - but a small price to pay!!!!)
you didn't eat her other clothes - thats a good thing
you ate a DVD - but watching too much TV is bad for two legs - so you did a good thing.
You aerated the plant - better than aerating your tummy - that would have smelt much worse - i know mummy complains when i aerate me.

Puppaw should have been glad that you were actually so well behaved - you mummy clearly was - it was why she was so nice to you - and of course - because you came up with such a nice gift - you Puppaw clearly could not have thought of something so clever

I did not have a great monday myself

1. forgot to get mummy a present - but did wake her up with a kiss - at 2 am, 3 am 4 am - she did not seem to appreciate that i wanted to play - and i got put in my crate - that was not the aim.
2. had to go to work - and was expected to behave - apparently being sick in the DG's office does not count as good behaviour.
3. got taken to the groomers for another hair cut - this is nearly a weekly event - I DON'T LIKE THE GROOMERS.

4. no more harness for me - i am a big girl and have a new collar and leash set ( Mummy is too scared to tell Granny i have out-grown my diamonte collar- it was very expensive from Harrods!!!!). the Trainer says I will walk better and not get so hot and grumpy - don't know about the grumpy bit, but it is certainly more comfy and i can run around more easily in the park without getting hot.
My new collar and leash are gorgous - they are teal green in colour and my collar has 5 hearts on it so everyone knows how much mummy loves me.

got to go

ps. i don't tweet i woof -

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