Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grandpaws Great

Grandpaw sent me this message - it makes sense- sort off - but i have a few questions - you may be able to help

I understand your problem and will do my best to help (Grandpaw always does)#
The first thing you must understand now that you are growing up (I am full grown!!!!),is that your mummy is a woman, just as you are or will soon be when you are an adult (not sure what that is - do you know?) The trouble with women is that they are completely illogical (all two legs are - we know that don't we!!!)
Mummy wanted a dog to love and she was very lucky she found you (i know - she couldn't have got luckier - i am perfect i keep telling her - she seems to forget sometimes - but i remind her!!!!) She really loves you and i know you really love her

But the trouble is, having wanted a dog, she does not want her lovely dog to smell like one (why not i smell wonderful!!!), - she wants you to smell the way two legs think smell nice (yuk - this is the problem again) - but you are a dog not a person (i know!!!). If she was logical she would say i have a lovely dog who smells like a dog and i love her to smell like dogs smell. but she is illogical and doesn't think like that

i think the only thing you can do is put up with all these baths and learn to live with it(Granpaw - that is not a solution - its a failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

but the good news is Grandpaw is looking forward to seeing me on Saturday - i can't wait for my love in with him - and with Granny if i have forgiven her for my bath



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