Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Help - weird 2 legs again

i need help - the two legs are making weird rules again

Monday - Pamela says i smell doggy - get sprayed - no point in a bath as i am off to Aunty Susannah and i always smell doggy there

Tuesday - i role in great mud - get bathed, find more mud - get sprayed - find more mud - am reasonably happy with my smell - Mummy seems to accept although she is DISPLEASED

Wednesday - lying in my bed at work (working hard!!!!!) very content - Grandpaw calls - he needs help with his printer (what that!!!) so Mummy is going to his house to help on Saturday - and have lunch (me to for lunch please!!!!)

Good news i think - Granny love in time. Relaxing on Mummy's lap - and she is making a note in her diary - i sneak a look - HORROR OF HORRORS - it says FRIDAY - POPPY BATH why - i never have bath before Aunty Susannah's (going on Sunday for a whole week - mummy is off to Canada) - i always smell when i stay there!!! - but granny doesn't love smelly poppy !!!!!!!! so i have to have a bath !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO can't miss love in MUST AVOID BATH help!!! advice



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