Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missing Bed

Dear Poppy,
Do you know where my bed is? I had three and now I only have two. I have a vague memory of going bonkers one night that mummy was making dinner. She gave me a passie (raw hide stick, yum!) and it sent me into a whirlwind. I was thrilled, extatic, out of my mind! Then I dreampt that I was tearing the zipper on my bed and then I was tearing out the insides shredding the foamy center to pieces. When I snapped out of it, my bed was gone and mummy was angry. I still don't know where my bed is though and it is rather inconvenient. Now when I get a passie, I have to take it all the way upstairs to my upstairs bed. The one outside of the crate, because I am never crazy enought to just go hang out inside my crate. Well, this is all to say, can you please tell Granny that I need a new bed. I don't think mummy and puppaw even realize it is missing.
Your cousin with a sore back from sleeping on the floor downstairs, Mugsy

P.S. I may have been a bit naughty last week.
P.P.S. Mummy told me that women are not unreasonable and now I am very confused.

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