Friday, February 25, 2011

loosing things

Hi Mugsy

As soon as i locate Mummy (Granny seems to come along shortly afterwards) i will remind them that you need a new bed - sore backs are no good.

i am very worried - i seem to have lost my mummy - we had a great weekend - spent all day saturday with Granny and Grandpaw, and then sunday had a play date with Delilah and its still going on - i would like Mummy back - no snugglies with Granny either - its very odd and a very long time so am getting worried -

i asked and was told muumy was somwhere where it was -41 degrees c - but i know thats a lie mummy doesn't do the cold so i am worried - and also no snuggles with Granny - she doesn't let a whole week go bye

will keep you informed of my investigations - and once the mystery is solved will start on the new bed campagn - until then i guess the sofa should be your new bed - you can't lie on the floor - you might catch a cold - Granny is always worrying about the two legs getting colds - i am sure she would be more worried if we got one - we are much more precious

hope you have been good this week

i haven't but there is isn't anyone around to tell me off - Aunty Susannah is so chilled

love and licks

ps if you find my mummy please send her home

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