Friday, February 25, 2011

President's Day

Hi Poppy

I love my President.  Last monday was his birthday and Mummy, Puppaw and I had a day off.  It was great, Mummy and Daddy were home all day and I did not have to go to the park. 

Actually, Puppaw is a bit worried that I am overdoing my fitness program with 3 hours running every day.  Mummy thinks Puppaw is very silly.  I think Puppaw is right because after Mummy took me for a 3 mile run, Aunty Paige (the vet tech in my building that answers all of The Two-Legs health questions) said that I am way to young.  I was so tired and mopey and whiney.  And I just could not move in the mornings.

Then I had my day off, and I felt much better.  As a result, I have much more energy and am back into waking up early and then making the Two-Legs play with me. 



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