Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Missing bed 2

Dear Poppy,
I fear we are the target of an international crime syndicate. They have taken your mummy and both of my beds! We must call Interpol to get them on the case before anything else goes missing. I am terribly worried that I will wake up one day, on the floor of course, because my beds are gone, and I will find my mummy missing, too, or my puppaw. What then? I don't have lovely granny and grampaw here like you do. I would be all alone. And maybe I would have to go back to the place from where I came. I can't even bring myself to say the word anymore. I am sick with worry. Well, not really sick, but you know what I mean.
I will have to reenact the crime for Interpol, so I'll take a stab it here, so I don't forget anything. I was in my upstairs bed minding my own business like I always do. Mummy and Puppaw were enjoying the entire two legs big bed by themselves, not paying attention to me, I might add. I was chewing and chewing on a raw hide. That gets me very excited, you know. Sometimes I bark at it and throw it up in the air and it's great fun. So here I was, minding my own business, chewing and chewing when I noticed a little dent in the zipper of my bed. I thought, I can easily fix that with a little nibble. Well, I did fix the dent, and then the inside of my bed was exposed, so I had to hide it by making the foamy part a little smaller. I chewed and chewed, very quietly so mummy and puppaw wouldn't notice until I had it all fixed. Then, mummy said, why is Mugsy so quiet? I should have known what would come next, I was almost done with my project, but Puppaw stopped me before I could finish. That is when the bed disappeared. It was flying in the air and all I heard was "no, Mugsy, no. Bad dog, Bad dog." It was terrifying. Then, no bed. How do you think the thief got it? It must have been during the commotion. Now, I only have my crate bed and there is no way I am going in there voluntarily. It's just the hard, hard floor for me. Do you have the telephone number for Interpol? Mummy tells me that the DC policy won't come unless there is a gun involved.
We must find the evil culprit.
Your cousin with the sore back, Mugsy

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