Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hi Mugsy

Mummy has been playing nursemaid to Granny after her operation - when you only have two feet, loosing one, even temporarily is a problem.

They were having supper and i was bored, now i know at home, the sofa (couch in American) is a no go, unless i am invited, but Granny never insists on an invite, and she left the best snuggle scarf there. so up i hopped. i was very quiet, and they didn't notice for ages - i thought i had got away from it and then Granny saw. she couldn't decide between anger and laughter - i tried my waggy waggy tail, mummy laughed and laughed but granny didn't - she muttered about the dog house - the question is - if the snuggle scarf is on the sofa and no one else is snuggling it -surely it needs me

what do you think

ps. your mummy and puppaw have a great snuggle blankie - might be a useful excuse for you

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