Wednesday, March 2, 2011

mummy found

Hi Mugsy

Found Mummy - she was in Canada and it was - 41 which really is cold - she keeps going on about it - i am so worried about loosing her again i don't dare let her out of my site - so i have to listen.

Beds - you've lost two - i've rejected six - i spoke to the police dog in the park today, i told him all about you, he said they aren't for eating,thats the issue -

i reminded Granny about the Cleopatra bed - even hinted i would n't say no - but she is in tough mode (you know that discipline look two legs get sometimes) the answer is we can both have new beds, but not in bedrooms involving two legs, we have to agree to our own bedrooms and i for one am not ready to agree what about you - the bed looks great, but until my needs are met i am just taking over the two legs couch - i can only suggest you do the same, they won't let you get a bad back they love you too much - Granny might try playing tough - but you should see her - she says the words, she complains i smell, but she is too busy kissing me and cuddling me to be serious and she can't wait to see you in April, reckon your problems may get solved when Granny comes to stay she is already talking about spoiling you - just use those brown eyes to full effect.



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