Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's My Birthday

Dear Poppy

I woke up this morning and something was differerent. I don't know why but I feel just a bit more responsible and mature. Puppaw woke me up by singing to me. It was awful. Not the song .... which was all about me ... but his singing voice is just terrible. It is pouring with rain so instead of the park I got an extra big passy bone. Don't tell Mummy, Puppaw keeps telling her off as I am only supposed to have one a week, but Puppaw says it is a special day. I like special days!!

I am a bit sad as Mummy is not here. Puppaw promises she will be back tonight but the last time she left me it was for ages and ages. I did, I must admit, cry a little last night but Puppaw played and comforted me. Then I slept to 6:30am which made Pippaw happy as I usually get up to play with Mummy much earlier.

I wonder what I will get for my birthday. Maybe another cake like I had for the royal wedding. Yum.

I do like being half British.



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