Sunday, June 5, 2011

the Ball

Hi Mugsy

Glad the pot plant issue is resolved the exorsism sounded scarey. I agree the only time to spin round is after my tail. Have caught the end but never more or for treats. Its a trick and for treats well. But that's my whole body not just my head

Now important stuff. How was the ball. Where are the pictures. Were you the besT dressed and was Willie there. Did your mummy and puppaw behave

Am having a ball at Grandpaws and Grannys. Grandpaw took me to the park and let me off the leash. I knew Mummys threats were a nonsense. Someone who gives that good snuggles. Is too nice to be strict. Now about your wish to be a sister. Mummy s only tell puppaws there dogs are HIS dog when they are in the dog house. Your Puppaw and my mummy were informed when they were bad as pre teens. It is the same as "wait untill your father comes home". Because I am from a single parent family it is not something I can be threatened with but you got legitimised twice so you have to deal with it

Isn't the low voice funny. But scary at the same time. I can never work out whether to be really cute or funny or run away. Like you I find my bum glued to the ground. A sad guilty look on my face desperately waiting for forgiveness. However much fun while the low voice is going on I just want to disapear

Anyway on that thought I need a cuddle
Loveand licks

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