Sunday, June 5, 2011

Belle of the Ball

Dear Poppy

I think I have a hangover. I am not really sure what a hangover is but when Mummy and Puppaw are tired and slow after a late night I hear them talk about their hangover. I am tired and slow today so think I must have one. And Mummy and Puppaw are being super sweet to me, but that may be because I let them sleep into 10am. It is all a bit weird really.

The Ball was great. I will have some photos later, we had official portraits done and I looked great. Once available on line I will post them. The evening began with a silent auction. I was very silent as there were so many people it was quite scary. But there were scrummy treats, gourmet ones, and Puppaw kept giving them to me. One Scotch for Puppaw, one Gine and Tonic for Mummy, one Gourmet Treat for me. Wonderful.

Then I met an old of friend of Puppaw's called Eric and his wife Hallie. They were nice. Then off to dinner where I sat next to an English bull dog called Daisy. There were some of those tiny Mexican rat like dogs as well. They got to sit at the table as they were so small (I call them "lunch"), but Daisy and I had to stay on the floor. There were lots of other dogs around and I played a lot, but was always very well behaved - Mummy and Puppaw were so proud. I met the chief executive of the Humane Society, they are the people who looked after me before Mummy and Puppaw and I said thank you for finding me such a great home. I wanted to tell her all about you, the floaty house, the airy car, swimming, my toys, Willy, my friends like Zeus, but there was not time.

Then I danced with Puppaw and Mummy, and Uncle Tom. I love Uncle Tom. He was invited by his friend Victoria but arrived late (Uncle Tom is always late) and she had to leave early because her dog and children were tired so he joined us. I did not need a late night walk as during the ball a nice volunteer took me out, so Mummy and Puppaw could eat and drink. Daisy and I were walked together which was good as Daisy was a bit farty. Mummy mentioned this to Uncle Tom. The first thing he says to Daisy's two-legs was " so I hear Daisy has been farting all night!". Daisy's two-legs was bit taken aback and Mummy was a bit embarrassed. Puppaw and I thought it was jolly funny! Silly Uncle Tom.

It was really great. But listen to this. The best part of all was Auntie Toni my trainer and dog walker was there. I was so good when I saw her. Mummy calls her the dog whisperer because I do everything she says, without her even giving me obvious commands. Puppaw thinks she is psychic or something. I love Auntie Toni as well.

Uncle Tom was so nice he drove us home.

Then I went to sleep. I was so tired.

I like Balls. I hope I can go again next year.

Love and licks,

The Mugs

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