Saturday, June 4, 2011

No need for an exorcist

Dear Poppy

It was great to Skype with you earlier. I was a little scared and promise to be better next time.

I forgot to mention that I seem to be over my need to dig up the plants. The two-legs are very relieved and told me that they won't have to call Abu's priest to arrange for an exorcism. Great news I think as I would have to be tied down and my head would spin around. I like spinning but only when I am chasing my tail.

I am all ready for the ball I went to the swimming park and then the beauty parlor. I was tired so have spent the day resting. I cannot wait to see my old friends, especially Loiuisa who gave me to Mummy and Puppaw.

Will write to tomorrow with all of my news.

Love Mugsy

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