Friday, June 3, 2011

Ceasar Moments

Hi Mugsy

Hope you are still allowed to the ball - i suggest being really good today and all weekend - i too had some Ceasar moments yesterday - and got smacked for my trouble - but nothing as destructive as you - i just decided that my food was better on the floor - didn't feel like eating it - so i mushed it into the carpet at work - not a good move - mummy not happy and my very hungry!!!! ithought she might give me some more interesting stuff - but no and Aunty Mary was told no treats !!! Aunty Mary more scared of Mummy than me - not fair

Fancy digging up the plant - last time you did that - i thought they put it out of reach - suppose you have grown again - they will just have to put it higher - and give you more food - you had to be hungry to eat a tea light and a picture - even if it was exotic and from Zambia!!!!

I have to write my instructions for my stay with Granny and Grandpaw - it starts tonight after i have had a bath - not sure why i have to have a bath first - but there you go - need some help adding to instructions so tell me what i am missing

1. I require spoiling - that is unlimited cuddles (more than usual - especially from Grandpaw) followed by treats (chicken please!!!) for everything.
2. Lots of bathroom breaks - mummy says that my poos are a bit nasty still - sorry but i am on chicken and rice so they are nice and soft and smelly.
3. apparently i am to be discouraged from smelling them after production - i don't see why they smell great - oh sometimes i try to eat them - its normally causes a serious 2 leg panic attack and lots of yelling - "don't do that!!!!"
4. remember wet wipes in case i need a quick clean after production.
5. mummy hints that double bagging helps.
6. Because of the boring food - i am on breakfast, lunch and dinner, a quarter of a tin each time please.
7. am needing a bathroom break as soon as i wake - about 8 hours after bed time - Grandpaw this is a job for you!!!!
8. i understand (mummy says!!!) i don't agree that i can not be trusted off lead - so remember to use my flexi leash - and also that i need some walks to either South Park (can't escape) or Eel brook - i have not misbehaved there - not sure i know the way home!!! and ball games in the car area behind the house please.

can't wait to come and kiss everyone

love, licks and kisses (on the lips if you aren't very careful - i have just been wormed!!!!!)


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