Friday, June 3, 2011

Cesar incarnate

Dear Poppy,
I don't know what has possessed me. I blame my altered state, dual personality, pre-teen rebellion...I do hope I can go to the ball this weekend. But, this morning I was minding my own business when I brushed up against that pesky fichus tree that sits behind my crate (I don't know why the two legs don't just get rid of that crate I mean. I never, ever, ever go in there. Unless puppaw has thrown a toy that I like inside. Then I sneak in to get it, but I make sure no one is around so I don't get caught inside.
Anyway...that pesky little fichus...the dirt smells like there is something quite yummy living inside that I must find. So, this morning, I took another swing at it, but I had forgotten that mummy was still home. Boy was she mad. She made her voice go as low as it could go. It's really quite funny, but I know it means she's mad, so I have to take it seriously, and did I ever. I wanted to go downstairs to get as far away from that crazy low voice as possible, but she made me go into the bedroom (with her...and the voice). I had to sit very still while she finished getting ready for work. I heard her call puppaw about HIS dog. I wonder who that is. Do you think they are bringing me a brother or sister. I would love that very much. Maybe they think that would help keep me out of trouble. I'm sure that's it. They know it's not my fault. I just need company.
Soon to be sister Mugsy...and I don't mean a nun.
licks and more licks.

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