Monday, July 18, 2011

BREAKFAST IN BED (well treats!!!!)

Hi Mugs

Glad you had a good weekend - wish you would hurry up and get this move over with - i have already worked out that we can have sleepovers - you and me on the bed -mummy on the bed (or on the floor, if there is not enough room - Dogs will rule!!!!)

Swimming sounds great - i have only been in the Serpentine - that was fun - but cold and to be able to do it from the floaty house - even better - i am getting a life jacket - i want a pink one.

i got caught at the weekend - for a while Mummy has been wondering why there have been crumbs in bed - i have just looked innocent -i wouldnt be stashing my favourite treats and having midnight snacks in bed!!!! - got caught on Saturday and again on Sunday - she can't be that mad - she too busy laughing at me - though i did have to gobble one down this morning - she was definately hunting for hiding spaces (silly two legs only found one - there are others!!!!)

Love, Licks and Snacks!!!!


ps give your Mummy a big kiss from me.

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