Monday, July 18, 2011



I went swimming off of the boat yesterday. It was very scary and exciting at the same time. We were moored up at our usual place, well actually tied up behind Tio Tom, and then Mummy and Puppaw jumped in. Auntie Paige, the two legs for my neighbours Luna and Radar, was with us. She is a vet tech. I really really wanted to jump in but it was a long way down, so all of a sudden Paige picked me up and I was swimming. I went really fast so I did not sink, there was no where to stand and Puppaw had to chase me and guide me back to the floaty house. Then I was on the floaty house again. Woo hoo!!

Puppaw put my life jacket on and back I went. This time it was much easier and I swam all the way around the floaty house and then out again. I was tuckered!! It was so great. Then when sailing home I sat quietly in the cockpit and had my nose over the windward side. It was quite windy and we were healing a lot so I did what they do in races and used my body weight to keep us level. Well I tried anyway.

I slept so well, Mummy did not even take me the park today. I was completely pooped out.

When we move to England maybe we can go swimming together.

Love and licks,

Cap'n Mugsy

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