Monday, September 5, 2011

Green Sailing

Hi Poppy

Do you get to go sailing with your Mummy like I do with mine. This weekend we went with some friends of Puppaws called the Sandlers. Puppaw works with Richard. He is jolly nice and has a wife and three daughters.

I learned something new about sailing. You can turn green. I know, weird right? I always knew sailing was green and good for the environment because it uses wind and not a horrible engine (except when scary like coming back from St Michaels. Ooh, the thought makes me shudder.)

But I did not know you could turn green. Richard's poor daughters got quite sick, especially the oldest Melanie. I felt quite sorry for her so went and sat with her, but I think she just wanted to go home.

Horrible Puppaw would not turn the boat around.

Which turned out quite well for me because - guess what - I went swimming again. Twice! And the second time I actually jumped in all by myself. It was quite scary so I quickly swam to the ladder and tried to climb out. I can tell you, that was not easy - it is hard even for Two Legs with thumbs - and so Puppaw pulled me out.

But I did it. I jumped. Woo hoo.

Love Mugsy

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