Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How great is Cousin James

Dear Poppy

I really must admonish you, why have you not told me about all of our cousins in England; especially James. He has been staying for a few days and it has been great. First off, he has been home all the time while my Two Legs have been out. Like Puppaw he lies on the couch, so I go and snuggle up to him. He is very snuggly and I fit just right.

Then he takes me out for walks when he goes out. I showed him where I like to pee and we go there. He is not so keen on picking up poo, so I have been saving that for Mummy and Puppaw.

Here's the best bit. He is not good with the gate. So when I cannot go with him I have the freedom of the whole house. Yippee! I have been very good and have not destroyed anything. It is part of my cunning plan, I am going to lull the Two Legs into a false sense of security so they think the gate is no longer needed, and then Caesar will come out.

I told James about my plans to move to England. Mummy received the Rabies test results and I have passed step one. She found out weeks ago but forgot to tell Puppaw, who was becoming quite concerned. So I told James I would be coming to stay with him and Jackie as they have a big yard and chickens to chase. He did say something about an electric fence but as I don't know what that is, I am not so worried.

Have you been to visit the chickens? Maybe we could go together and you could show me the ropes.

James says Jackie is not so keen on puppies. I find that a bit strange as James clearly loves me and they are married, so she must as well. He brought me a new kong. It is giant, and I have been playing with it a lot. I destroyed all my other ones and Puppaw has not replaced them. (I say Puppaw and not Mummy as Puppaw is a bit of a softy and always gets suckered into buying new toys. Mummy is made of sterner stuff.)

Who else in our family should I know about. It is all so exciting.

Love De Mugs

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