Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi Mugs

I thought new years was a time when the two legs partied in December but turns out there is a new years today. It is great I have had the perfect day. Am staying with Delilah and we have spent 4hours in the park chasing squirrels. There are so many squirrels at the moment and they are so good to chase

How was your Puppaws birthday party. I hear the two legs were jaded the next day. I am sure you took full advantage I had a great week at Granny and Grandpaws - I persuaded Granny not to brush me just a few whinges is all it took anfd we went on holiday to Devon. When mummy came back I made sure she knew I missed her and that I wished to stay again my excuse is it is training for you. I take pmy job very seriously so you should be very grateful!!!!!

Got to go



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