Thursday, October 6, 2011

Re Squirrels

Dear Poppy

CONGRATULATIONS. That is fantastic news. I keep trying to capture squirrels but nasty Mummy and Puppaw won't let me.

Do you ever have bad dreams. I had a terrible dream last night. We all went to bed early (more on that below), and then suddenly I jumped up and ran downstairs. I sniffed around and then came upstairs. There was nothing there so I must have dreamed it.

I could not sleep so I went to my crate. It is my safe place. I was curled up as far back in it as I could go with my blanky and toys. I felt better. Puppaw got up to check on me as he was worried where I had goned. He went downstairs again with me. (Mummy was out cold.)

Finally I realised all was ok, and I went and slept on the floor besides Puppaws side of the bed. I was still a little scared and needed to be close.

I think it was all because I have started running. The two-legs need to be in better shape so now I make them run to the park and back. I am pretty good and just jog as they are slow and cannot keep up if I sprint. Occassionally they need a bit of encouragement so I grab the lead and drag them along. When that does not work, I jump up and bite their elbows. This gives them that little extra bit of umpf to run faster. Fortunately unlike the nasty squirrel they don't bite back. But then they know I am only doing it for their own good.

Otherwise all is good here.

Love Mugsy

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