Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have just seen where you may be moving to - it looks great - You must be so excited a proper garden, and lots of play space I am so jealous - you already had your own room - but here you would have a choice of rooms and play space - wow.

Have you heard about Granny she has something terrible - it is called Shingles - I am not sure what it is - but we can't see her for ages - 7 days after the spots have stopped arriving - and I don't know when that will be - but it seems it could be a while - we can only send her kisses down the phone - so we have to call her lots -

I know something terrible is about to happen, it is a working day and not a day off - but we are still home - so it must mean something bad - but I am not sure what - please wish me luck - i suspect the vets - but i can't think why - I have not itched, scooted or done anything that would normally require a visit -

a worried


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